The feature is unfortunately

The feature is unfortunately a bit confusing. You’ll see the Super Heart icon while watching broadcasts. Tapping it opens the Super Heart store, but first you’ll have to buy a bunch of virtual “coins,” starting at $0.99 with packages ranging up to $100 Managed Private Network
. Then you can buy three different kinds of Super Hearts with these coins, ranging from cheaper basic hearts covered in plus signs, to a bubbly and sparkly mid-range heart, to the most expensive ones that give off explosions and feature your face in the center. You can then send these hearts by tapping across any broadcasts you watch. For example, $0.99 gets you enough coins to send roughly 30 of the basic Super Hearts.

Sadly, the feature could exclude lower-income viewers as there’s no way to earn coins, unlike in many games that sell virtual currency but also let users grind to earn it free.

When users send the Super Hearts they’ve purchased, they’ll show up more prominently on the broadcast than free hearts that users can already send. The people who send the most Super Hearts during a broadcast are shown on a leaderboard, which other viewers can watch in envy or broadcasters can check to see who to shower with love on camera. For now, you can only buy and send Super Hearts from Periscope, though you’ll see them if you’re watching a Periscope broadcast via Twitter Interactive Table .

For every Super Heart a broadcaster receives, its coin value is added to their “star” count that appears on their profile. Once broadcasters have $175 worth of stars (around 185,000 stars) accrued, they can apply to join Periscope’s Super Broadcaster program. If admitted, they can cash out their star balance for real money via ACH transfer at the end of each month. If broadcasters don’t want to squeeze money out of their fans, they can turn off receiving Super Hearts.

Regarding the fee structure and Twitter’s revenue share, Periscope’s Sara Haider tells TechCrunch:

“We created Super Hearts for qualified broadcasters to monetize their content, and our objective is to learn from and iterate on this program to help them realize the most earning potential. After standard fees from in-app purchases and payment processing, broadcasters will receive around 70% of the remaining value. Changes in fees and foreign exchange fluctuations means that the effective percentage can vary.”

You might feel like this is all a bit baffling, with coins buying hearts that earn stars that are redeemed for money. That’s because it is. Users and broadcasters may be hesitant about the feature because it’s so hard to understand how much you’re paying or how much your favorite creator is getting wine buff.

But for some mega-fans, the ability to show up prominently in the comments and leaderboard of their favorite broadcaster, or even get thanked by name, could be enough for them to wade through the virtual currency mathematics necessary.

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展開草原的畫卷,首先入眼的婚姻介紹所,一定是告F,而且是滿眼告F。但僅僅有告F,那草原就是不完整的。最浪漫的妝點,便是那些白的、紅的、粉的、黃的、藍的、酷I、橙紅的、絳紫的、靛藍的形態各異的野花,真正是奼紫嫣紅,這是我的摯愛。有含羞低頭的薩日朗、圍抱成團的火柴花(我們孩提時代的叫法,其實是狼毒花)、昂首向陽的小鳥花、盡展嬌豔的野罌粟、香氣幽微的鈴鐺花… …還有很多叫不上名字的花花草草,星羅棋布地舖滿整片草原。
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