lovely wild mushroom

Every summer, after the thunder, the mushroom joins out the ground, seen everywhere, because it is poisonous to fear, I dare, adopt, come, take, can only do, facing toward it swallow the saliva suddenly.

Remembering reading such article " the mushroom shone and ate before eating ", said, the experiment verifies mushrooms can increase vitamin D after drying in the sun. While reading this characters, I have thought of the mushrooms that was eaten as a child, am all fully aired the dried mushrooms shone. It was exactly the era in short supply of material at that time, a lot of things should be supplied according to the coupons, the mushroom is extremely rare, called " the delicacy from mountain " ,The fresh mushroom is rare to more see in the city, only only those dried mushrooms are still all brought as the precious present while dropping in by relatives in the countryside, or the mountain people not willing to to eat by oneself change some home money, sell to us stealthily. It is stewed in chicken mushroom it is at that time very famous and precious dish,can extremely peoples fragrant,it take get only when or entertain guests in festival.

The little girl who picks mushroom, is carrying a big bamboo basket
The mere small feet of early morning, go over forest and hillock

Hearing this children's song each time, I will remember, my mother picked mushrooms in the childhood. Day was analogous to the hardships at that time. However, heard from mother, they had never had enough. They lived on a small town at that time, by summer, the mushroom in the woods appeared outside the city, winning more stars in the night sky of portrait summer, mother in childhood will adopt a big basket to carry and go home without lifting an eyebrow each time.

These lovely wild funguses, the mouthfeel is plump, the texture is delicate, have unique perfume, not only held a memorial ceremony for by my tooth as a child, but also supported the maternal grandmother whole family, the table delicacies that are really bestowed by heaven! However, I never relate to it and culture together, until I once go out, meet a qingyuan people at train. That one strange person, let me have a taste of one incomparable love in hometown for the first time, sincere to proud of to one's own undertaking. It is the township of the well known mushroom to qingyuan, that person is engaged in the mushroom industry. See I am right " Mushroom culture " Knowing nothing unexpectedly, on the way, he recommended standing up to me expansively:

As early as more than 800 years ago, his ancestors supported the family in order to plant the mushroom, by planting the industry that revitalizes mushroom. They occupy mountain deeply, go, return to spring autumn, an ear selects trees, cuts down and spends, is amazed by the gill fungus, hidden the clothing, dried, stored, sold etc. and grows mushroom skill according to legend generation. Mushroom the people fail to see characters, afraid mushroom skill expose, they compile, come, sing, write life rule, means of production, trade method,etc. for folk song again, have formed the different in the local dialect one " The mushroom language " ,The ones that made strangers hear scarcelied know what one has said. The members of a nationality of mushroom returned a door of original creation and took the course of its own in the martial arts circles " The time of mushroom " Used for resisting various infringement. Get in July of the lunar calendar each time, it is the most grand festival of the people of the mushroom, they can sing " The people's play of mushroom " ," mushroom work " that play ,Tasting the delicious mushroom to celebrate. Because the members of a nationality of local mushroom make the local mushroom output account for 1/3 of the national total amount to the ardent hope and defending of the mushroom, accounts for more than 1/4 of global total output, the fresh and dried mushroom product finds a good sale in more than 80 countries and regions, it is all sides that this unique mushroom culture is thereupon widely spread too.

When to today,in the past one delicacy from mountain funguses wilds natural, it tame we mankind and the cultures successful one for mushroom, have Auricularia, gold ear, white fungus, straw mushroom, JINZHEN MUSHROOM (sic), hedgehog hydnum fungus, Caulis Bambusae in Taeniam and Mongolian dried mushroom,etc.. The edible fungus industry is one of our country's first-selected high-quality high-efficient agricultural projects too. Various fresh and dried mushrooms have really enriched our vegetable basket, has entered common people's family, their taste and quality always let me feel in a greatly reduced state compared with what it used to be.

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